October 2020 and Beyond

Hello, hello everyone~

Today I’d like to make my first blog post on my official site.

The homepage has been updated to feature Cronus Impulse. This will be a series that updates every few months and represents the crystallization of many of my desires as an author. Since I began writing, I’ve learned many valuable lessons. I feel that I’ve finished Phase 0 and am ready to move into Phase 1 of my writing journey. If Phase 0 was preparation that consisted of reading great stories and working on my own, Phase 1 is taking all of that accumulated knowledge and skill and making my dreams as an author come true. Cronus Impulse is the first of those dreams. An adventure filled with mystery and featuring characters aimed at reaching their ultimate potential and enlightenment. On December 4th, the Prologue and Chapter 1 will be released and the Lunarscarred arc will begin. For the 1 year anniversary of Cronus Impulse in December 2021, that arc will come to a conclusion. After that, I’m sure you can guess a new arc will begin in 2022.

Additionally, my other works will be refreshed in the future. The world-view of Cronus Impulse was born in Cronus Collection (subtitled Illumination a few months after release). While the story is something I’m happy with, like Moon Mysteries there are scenes that can be made stronger and in this particular work there are areas where even a new chapter or two can be inserted. Work on this renewal hasn’t started just yet, so please expect Cronus Collection: Illumination’s updated version in 2021.

The advantage of self-publishing ebooks is that they can be updated and made better all the time, however that’s a trap as well. It’s easy to release something in an almost-complete state as it can always be properly completed later. I’d like to work even harder to deliver the most ideal version of my stories from Day 1.

If I’ve delivered stories that I’m 95% confident in before today, from today on I’ll be releasing stories I’m 100% confident in.

Until my next update, I leave you with my current progress.

Cronus Impulse: Lunarscarred (all chapters) – 25% written
Cronus Collection: Illumination (renewal) – Planning Stage